About the ePortfolio

The cultural identity ePortfolio is a project developed to get students interested in exploring their cultural identity, so that they will be able to merge their cultural identity with their educational identity to promote educational success. The goal is that students will find ways to ground their education with their cultural values and culture, and that their education will be a tool for them to support their communities and family.

This ePortfolio includes an about me space, a blog, and a space for education. The ePortfolio is a space for students to decide what they want to show case and explore, so this template is just a starting point for students.

The point of the ePortfolio is for the student to think and see how their identity, culture, and education are interconnected. Students have a space to reflect on their learning, experiences, identity, and culture. Students can make their learning visible, to see their progress and to set goals for the future.

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